30 Money Manifestation Affirmations

30 Money Manifestation Affirmations

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Manifest abundance and shift your money mindset with this collection of 30 money manifestation affirmations.

Positive thoughts are powerful, and positive statements, or affirmations, can be incredibly powerful when it comes to daily life. Whether you are giving positive affirmations in the mirror to help psyche yourself up, preparing for a big life moment, or even just working to shift your mindset, research has shown that affirmations have power.

Shifting your beliefs around money can have a powerful impact on your life. They can help improve anxiety you might have around debt, spending or the future; help you foster a positive relationship with money and the way you view it; and some people swear that the right money manifestation affirmations can even help you manifest abundance.

This list of positive money affirmations are designed to help you shift personal your mindset around money, spending and debt. While it might seem small, the power of positive thinking has been shown to help, especially if you are trying to change your own financial situation.

Like attracts like. Affirmations are a powerful tool for the subconscious mind. When it comes to money, there is power when it comes to growing from a fear mindset or lack mindset to an abundance mindset.

If you’ve never done affirmations before, this might seem a little out of left field. Think of them as one more tool in your toolbelt as you work to save money, manage money or make more money.

Where you attention goes, your energy flows as well. Picture these affirmations as little seeds you are planting in your mind that will grow into great big trees/thoughts of prosperity, success and abundance. Positive affirmations are part of the law of attraction: what you think about, you bring about.

When all you think and feel around bills, debt or income is fear, anxiety or negativity, it slowly becomes the way you start to view your financial situation. “This will never get better, I’ll never be able to tackle this debt, I’m stuck living paycheck to paycheck” etc.

The idea behind money manifestation affirmations is that they will slowly rewire your brain to see the POSITIVE aspects of money, bills and debt first, which in turn will help you see more opportunities where previously you might have been quick to just throw in the towel.

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30 Money Affirmations for Abundance

It can be incredibly tough to make more money (or attract abundance and wealth into your life) if you don’t believe you deserve it. Negative thoughts lead many times to inaction, and negative self-talk can be incredibly harmful. Good habits like this can help you turn it around.

The following affirmations are designed to help you reset a negative mindset around money. Saying these money affirmations aloud (or even just loudly in your mind) can help reframe the way you view your financial situation, and help you instill a sense of calm and positivity around next steps.

Check out this list of money mantras to help shift your mindset and manifest abundance.

I am worthy of success

I am a money magnet

I have a positive money mindset.

Money flows to me easily

I give myself permission to prosper and grow.

I can look at my finances without fear.

My future self is worthy of massive success.

I am worthy of all the richness I desire.

I am grateful for the abundance that I have and the abundance on its way.

I am worthy of a positive cashflow.

There is always more where that came from.

I attract money quickly and easily

I am wealthy and successful

My income exceeds my expenses.

I deserve an abundant life.

I deserve to be paid for my skills, time and knowledge.

I have the power to create the success and build the wealth I desire.

Every dollar I spend and donate comes back to me multiplied.

My income increases every day.

I attract success and opportunities for success.

I am wealthy in more ways than one.

I am surrounded by abundance

There is always more than enough money in my life.

I deserve to be successful.

Money is energy and energy is an unlimited resource.

There are no limits to the success I achieve.

I can achieve financial independence.

I am ready for new abundance.

I am worthy of abundance.

I am on the right track to improve my financial life.

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FAQ’s About Manifesting Financial Abundance

How do you write affirmations for manifestation money?

Start by thinking about your own money mindset. What are your beliefs about money, income, debt and success? What are your financial goals? More importantly, what are your LIMITING beliefs around these things?

If you struggle with imposter syndrome or accepting that you deserve to make more money, your mind will be quick to reinforce this belief. So a good money manifestation affirmation is “I deserve success and good things in my life.”

What do you say when manifesting money?

All of the above affirmations on this list are fantastic options to say when manifesting money, success, wealth or abundance. Pick your favorite 3-5 and repeat them every day out loud, or incorporate them into your other daily affirmations.

It can feel weird to get in the habit of daily positive affirmations, but a little hard work can truly have a positive impact in new ways. Over time through daily practice, your subconscious will begin to shift your thoughts around money and success in general to a positive mindset.

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Money Affirmations that Work Fast

Affirmations can be so powerful, and the money manifestation affirmations on this list are meant to help you shift your mindset to achieve your goals faster. They are just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating financial freedom, and a great tool for moving from a scarcity mindset or negative feelings to one that comes from a place of positive energy.

Have you ever tried positive affirmations? What do you like about them? What do you find challenging? Which of these abundance affirmations were your favorite?

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