Creative Budget Birthday Ideas for Your Husband

Birthday ideas for husband on a budget

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Birthdays don’t have to blow your budget! No matter what age your spouse is turning, these awesome birthday ideas for a husband on a budget are sure to help.

If your husband is anything like mine, he can be hard to shop for. Birthdays can be especially difficult, as he can never think of anything he wants!

Special occasions can add up quick. Picking the perfect birthday gift for your husband is hard enough without having to also factor a budget in if you are working to save money or cut expenses. You want something thoughtful, something he will actually use or appreciate (and not shove in the back of his closet) but something that you can also afford.

If you need some help, you’re in luck. Read on for a wide variety of husband birthday ideas on a budget!

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Cheap (or free!) Birthday Ideas for Husbands

Making your significant other feel loved on their birthday is achievable without blowing a huge chunk of change. There are lot of things you can do on a small budget! Check out the ideas on this list for a budget friendly way to recognize your person that you might be able to pull off for free (which also sticking to your financial goals at the same time).

Breakfast in Bed

This thoughtful gesture is an especially good one if you have children. Let your husband sleep in and wake him up with a yummy breakfast of all his favorite breakfast foods. Don’t forget a cup of hot coffee!

My husband personally loves a big meal of fresh, fluffy pancakes, bacon, eggs, fruit, sausage, biscuits and gravy. Give him time to wake up slowly and enjoy the meal. If you’re not a great cook, you can also order breakfast from a local restaurant!

Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Take your hubby on a scavenger hunt to celebrate his big day. You can choose to do something small, with clues that are around your house, or something bigger, like a hunt that takes him all over town.

Hide the next clue at each spot to keep him guessing. A scavenger hunt can be as long or short as you want!

Bonus idea: If you want it to take most of the day (or the entire day), have the scavenger hunt lead to a special surprise dinner or picnic lunch.

Jar or Box of Notes

A wonderful gift for a sentimental husband, this is also a great budget birthday idea because you should have everything you need already in your home.

Grab a large jar or other container and paper in various colors or patterns. Write your husband love notes on each sheet of paper. Ideas include things you love about him, favorite memories together, etc.

Keep in mind that this gift requires a little bit of pre-planning as you will need time to write each note. The number you choose to write is up to you!

Decorate Your Bedroom

Surprise your spouse when they come home with a bedroom that has been decorated to celebrate their birthday. A few candles can truly go far.

A bedroom birthday party doesn’t have to be extravagant. Have his favorite movie ready to play, and consider enjoying a glass of wine or a special dessert and some quality time to wrap up his birthday.

Let Him Pick the Activity

Are there activities your husband enjoys that the two of you don’t share? Try out one of his hobbies for his birthday!

Whether it’s going to a local museum, visiting a new restaurant that he’s been dying to check out, or trying out a hobby or sport that he loves, your husband gets to call the shots on this budget birthday outing.

Make Him a Piece of Art

Want to create a physical item to gift your husband? Art doesn’t have to be expensive to be meaningful! Create him something special.

Paint a picture using paper you already have, or grab an inexpensive canvas as at your local dollar store. Sculpt him a paperweight using clay. You can even learn how to sing his favorite song or write a poem for him!

Whatever route you go, he’ll know that you had to put extra effort in to make this gift happen.

Backyard Movie Night

Set up a few chairs and a projector and screen his favorite movies under the stars. Surprise him with his friends joining too!

Backyard not ideal? You can also do a DIY drive in and set up a movie in your driveway. Don’t forget blankets and popcorn!

Go Camping

If your spouse loves the great outdoors, plan a camping trip to celebrate his birthday. Don’t forget to pack the essentials like a tent, fresh water, fire starter and of course food!

Whether you choose to surprise him with a camping trip that is near or far, there’s something really special about celebrating another year of life around a campfire.

Video Card from Friends and Family

Whether you’re still social distancing or just have friends and family members who are spread out all over the place, a video birthday greeting from those who are important to him is one of the most meaningful birthday ideas for husbands on a budget on this list.

There are a few ways to achieve this. You can have your husband’s best friends and family send you short video messages over text message, create a Google drive folder where they can upload them directly, or use a website where people can record their messages directly there.

Add his favorite song or favorite music as the background track for these heartfelt clips.

King for the Day

Crown your husband “king for the day” and treat him like royalty! Bring him food, follow silly orders he doles out and make him the center of attention to make his special day extra special.

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More Low Budget Birthday Gift Ideas

Want to create a birthday surprise for your husband that costs a little bit more, but is still budget-friendly? Check out these great ideas.

Themed Surprise Party

Obviously a birthday part is an obvious choice, but take things up a notch with a theme your husband will love. You don’t have to spend big bucks to do so! Create decorations and signs by hand, with items from the dollar store or even just by printing them at home.

To cut down on food expenses, ask friends and family to each bring a dish and make it potluck style.

Sporting Event

If your husband is the kind of guy who loves a good game, surprise him with tickets to his favorite game. This is a perfect birthday idea for husbands on a budget because every stadium has cheap seats!

Whether it’s a major league or minor league game, part of the fun is just BEING there for live sports.

Romantic Getaway

When’s the last time you’ve been on a trip, just the two of you? Take your husband on a romantic trip out of town!

Compare prices online for hotels and resorts, and don’t forget to also check out VRBO for more options. If you’re on a tighter budget, consider a nontraditional trip, like glamping, which many times is less expensive.

Take into account travel time too if you want to make a long road trip out of it. If he’s a big fan of theme parks, learn how to save money on Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood.

Home Chef

Does your husband have a favorite meal or dish he grew up eating that you’ve never made? Learn how and surprise him with it for his birthday!

Not a great chef? Ask a friend who is for some private lessons ahead of time. Or, if your budget allows for it, hire a private chef to come cook the meal for the two of you for an extra special birthday experience. Don’t forget the birthday cake!

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Budget Birthday Gift Ideas

Sometimes the best gifts are one that you can just buy. Read on for a few ideas of budget-friendly and cheap gift ideas that you can easily purchase online for your husband’s birthday.

Blue Light Glasses

Does he do a lot of work on his computer? Blue light glasses are a great option for helping to stop headaches and reduced the tired eye feeling.

A Bottle of Liquor or Beer

If your husband enjoys drinking alcohol, snagging him a bottle of his favorite drink is an easy gift. Better yet, if he enjoys trying new things, ask your local liquor store for some recommendations and surprise him with something he hasn’t had before.

If your budget allows for it, order personalized glasses like these to make the gift extra special.

Shaving Kit

A practical gift at its core, if your husband shaves it’s something that he might really appreciate. Most big box stores offer gift sets of multiple products, making this an easy gift to pick up.

New Wallet

Why is it that so many husbands will use their wallets until they’re literally falling apart?! If he’s in desperate need of a new one, surprise him with it as a gift. Here are a few inexpensive wallet options you can order on Amazon.

Phone Accessories

If your husband loves his cell phone (or is just always using it), a new gadget might be a great gift idea. Keep in mind that some options are pretty pricey, but there are many things you can grab that are budget friendly (like a new phone case).

Photo Creations

Finally put those pictures in your camera roll to good use! Give your husband a gift he will treasure by printing and framing a few photos for a very inexpensive birthday idea.

If you have a little more wiggle room in your budget, you can also order unique, personalized photo options online like a photo book, custom pillow, printed blanket, keychain or coffee mug using photos he loves.

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Final Thoughts on Unique Birthday Ideas for Husbands

I hope this collection of affordable birthday gift ideas help to inspire you. Remember: creating a memorable and special birthday for your spouse doesn’t have to blow your budget! You don’t have to spend a lot of money for truly thoughtful birthday gifts.

Whether you choose romantic gifts or other creative ways to say happy birthday, the best ideas for a special gift look like different things to different people. Take your spouse, their interests and the things that truly bring them joy into consideration as you decide on the perfect present.

Which of these affordable birthday gifts is your favorite? Let us know in the comments! And if you enjoyed this article, please share it on social media or pin it on Pinterest to help inspire others too.

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