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Need more space but not able to spend the money to move? Consider one of the best cheap shed options on this list to increase your available storage space!

One of the biggest challenges for many families is around space. As your family grows, so does the amount of items you need to store. Depending on the home you live in, this can become a big problem quickly if you are out of space. Storage issues can add unnecessary stress.

If you’re trying to save more money, buying a bigger house might be completely out of the question. If you have the space, building a shed is a simple solution for extra storage. However, there are a lot of options out there, and expenses can add up quickly.

A good solution is to check out some of the cheap sheds that are available on the market and require much less work than building one from scratch. In this article we are going to cover some of the best cheap shed options in a variety of sizes. These inexpensive sheds are the cheapest way to increase your storage are, and might be just what you need to store your extra gardening tools, boxes of kids items or holiday decorations.

Read on for some of the best cheap sheds available to order online.

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Check out these storage sheds so your space doesn’t start looking like this!

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Picking the Right Budget Shed for Your Needs

The following list of best cheap shed options have a wide variety of materials, sizes and uses. Here are a few tips for choosing the right shed for you.

Shed Size

The best place to start is to think about what you are planning to use the shed for. If you just need a place to store a few seasonal items, a small shed might be enough space. However, if you are looking for a shed because you have a bunch of items, large items or need space to grow, you’ll need a much bigger storage capacity.

It’s important to also keep in mind how much space you have on your property for the shed. A larger shed has a large footprint, so be sure you have enough room to install it!

Material and Quality

Just because you’re purchasing a cheap shed doesn’t mean it needs to be low quality! Sheds can be made out of many different materials, each of which have different things to consider. Research the durability and strength of the material each shed is made from.

Keep in mind also that an outdoor shed needs to be able to hold up while exposed to rain, snow, wind, sun exposure and intense storms. Having a well-crafted shed matters.

Pay attention to the warranty that is offered.

Assembly Time

Few of us have a ton of time to put into assembling anything, let alone a new shed! Pay attention to how much assembly time is listed for each of the cheap sheds on this list.

Be realistic about your skill level too. Assembly times are estimates. It might take one person a lot less time, and another a lot more.

8 of the Best Cheap Sheds

If you’re looking for an inexpensive shed for your home, the following options span a wide range of sizes, uses and looks. All of these are available to order online, making it easy to grab the right budget shed for your needs!

They’re shared in order below roughly by size, starting from smallest footprint. We also included different construction materials, including wooden sheds, plastic sheds/vinyl sheds, and metal sheds.

Rubbermaid Horizontal Storage Shed

This small Rubbermaid shed is a good cheap shed option if you only have small items to store. It’s about three feet wide by two feet deep, so it doesn’t have room for much but is a great option for smaller outdoor toys and hand tools.

The tough, weather-resistant plastic material is designed to resist corrosion, rot and rust, and is easy to clean. The interior space has an option to add a shelf, and assembly takes less than one hour and is simple enough to be performed by one person.


Easy and fast assembly

Material resists rot, rust and corrosion


On the smaller side

Only a 1-year warranty

Learn more here >>> Rubbermaid Horizontal Storage Shed

Suncast BMS2000 Vertical Utility Shed

The Suncast BMS2000 has a tiny footprint but tall, so it can store more than you might think. It’s just under three feet wide, a little bit more than two feet deep and about six feet tall. It’s a great option for storing pool toys, outdoor tools and other taller items like garden tools.

With built-in interior supports with the option to add additional storage shelves, it’s also made out of a sturdy resin plastic. It’s built to protect your belongings while being exposed to the elements. It also comes with two sets of holes where you can add an external lock.

This Suncast shed also offers a 10 year warranty for ultraviolet protect and water resistance. Assembly time is about one hour.


Simple and fast assembly

Small footprint

Made from sturdy material with a 10 year warranty


Relatively small

Learn more here >>> Suncast BMS2000 Vertical Utility Shed

SideMate 4’x8’ Shed

The SideMate 4’x8’ shed is only 6’ tall, making it a great mid-size shed that also is within the bounds of most HOA restrictions. While it might appear small, it’s actually big enough to fit a lawnmower in, with room to spare for other tools, sports equipment and items that need storage.

With metal support structure reinforcing the roof, it’s covered in an all-weather vinyl that’s completely maintenance-free. No worrying about rust, mildew, rot, denting or even fading from the sun. Plus, it’s easy to clean.

The SideMate has a convenient option of being able to choose which side of the shed the single door is installed on for easy access, and you can also add a padlock to secure your belongings. Internally there are options to mount shelves to the steel-reinforced columns (meaning they’ll be able to support a lot of weight). Assembly time is about 4 hours.


Vinyl material won’t rot, rust, fade or dent

Door can be placed on either side of the shed

15 year warranty


Learn more here >>> SideMate 4’x8’ Shed

Suncast 5’ x 3’ Horizontal Stow-Away Shed

With a reinforced floor and multi-walled polypropylene resin side panels, the Suncast Horizontal Stow-Away Shed it has 70 cubic feet of storage. It’s large enough to store quite a few larger items, including garbage cans and heavy equipment which won’t damage the reinforced floor.

This Suncast shed also has a three-door system, with a front that opens into two doors and the top that opens up too. The locking system features a padlock hasp that will lock down all three doors for security.

The strong, durable material is meant to withstand the elements, won’t corrode or rot and is also very easy to keep clean. Plus, it comes together in less than one hour and comes with a 10-year warranty.


Three door system for access

Won’t corrode or rot

10-year warranty


According to reviews, the latches don’t hold the door closed well and the screw holes don’t line up properly

Learn more here >>> Suncast 5’ x 3’ Horizontal Stow-Away Shed

Arrow 8’ x 6’ Hamlet Storage Shed

If you are searching for a larger storage shed that doesn’t tower too far above your fence line, the Arrow Hamlet Storage shed is a great cheap shed that has plenty of room to fit trash cans, bicycles, tools and more!

At eight feet wide by six feet deep, and standing five feet tall, it gives you a total of 230 cubic feet of storage space. It’s also made from an electro-galvanized steel that’s been treated with a baked-on enamel to help protect the metal from the elements. This means that not only will it be strong, but it will continue to protect your items from all kinds of weather. There is also an option to add a padlock to the large sliding door for security.

Everything comes pre-cut and pre-drilled, with an estimated assembly time of 4 hours. It also has a 12 year warranty.


12-year warranty

Baked-on enamel coating over durable metal construction


According to reviews, this shed needs to be assembled in one day to prevent the thinner metal from becoming damaged.

Learn more here >>> Arrow 8’ x 6’ Hamlet Storage Shed

ShelterLogic 8′ x 8′ Shed-in-a-Box

Larger sized sheds are a great option if you truly need a good amount more storage space and have the available room to put it up. With 64 square feet of storage space, the ShelterLogic Shed-in-a-Box is one of the best cheap sheds for storing larger items like ATVs, tractors or just tons of storage totes because it’s easy to set up and easy to move again if needed.

Essentially this shed is semi-permanent, which is why it’s considered easy to move. The all-metal frame is powder-coated to prevent corrosion, peeling, rot and chipping. The cover of the shed is made from a durable triple-layer ripstop polyethylene and is waterproof. It’s important to note that this isn’t as sturdy of a shed as some of the other options on this list simply because of the way it’s constructed.

Interestingly, the entryway of this shed is the entire width of the structure. This makes it a great storage option for oversized items or heavy items as it has plenty of floor space. According to reviews, assembly is relatively easy, taking two people about two hours.


Opening is the full width of the shed

Can be broken down and moved easily if needed

Comes in multiple sizes


No inside shelf space

Only a 1 year warranty

Needs 2 people to assemble

Learn more here >>>  ShelterLogic 8′ x 8′ Shed-in-a-Box

Suncast 8’ x 10’ Tremont Storage Shed

One of the largest sheds on this list, the Suncast Tremont Shed is made from multi-walled resin panels for strength and durability. It won’t rot, corrode or rust, and has French-style doors on the front to allow for plenty of entryway space.

It has 574 cubic feet of total storage capacity. This shed is one of the few on this list with a reinforced floor, which means it can accommodate heavy items like a tractor or ride on lawnmower. It also has six skylights and two windows, which means you’ll get plenty of natural light to help you see what you’re doing.

This shed is HEAVY (almost 400 pounds) so the assembly is pretty time consuming at two days, and requires at least one other set of hands, as well as a few tools and some prior DIY experience.


Large storage capacity

10 year warranty

Lots of natural light

Wide opening with double doors


Assembly is involved and takes 2 days and at least two people

More expensive

Learn more here >>>  Suncast 8’ x 10’ Tremont Storage Shed

Arrow Oakbrook High Gable Shed

The largest shed on our list, the Arrow Oakbrook High Gable Shed has an impressive 769 cubic feet of storage space. If you truly need the best cheap shed to help you have more storage space on a budget, this is a good one to look into if you have the room.

At ten feet wide, 14 feet deep and almost 6 feet tall, this large structure has room for everything from lawn equipment, go-karts, excessive Christmas decorations, large equipment like tractors and construction equipment and more.

Made of durable steel that can handle the elements (including high winds and inclement weather), it’s treated to prevent corrosion and rust. This shed is also UV resistant and designed to protect everything inside from the weather, rot and even insects.

The sliding doors can be locked with a padlock, and all the panels are pre-cut and drilled to make assembly easy. All you’ll need for assembly are a few common tools like as a screwdriver, and it can be put together in about 3-5 hours. Comes with a 12 year warranty.


12-year warranty

Durable metal construction

Huge amount of storage space


Panels can be hard to maneuver alone, so you’ll need a second set of hands for assembly

Learn more here >>>  Arrow Oakbrook High Gable Shed

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Budget Sheds Can Make a BIG Difference

A cheap shed is a great way to add extra space when you can’t afford to move or upgrade your living situation.While there are many backyard sheds out there, this list covers only a few in various sizes. The best storage sheds are well made, affordable and have enough space for the amount of storage you need.

Be sure to check the square footage, as well as the amount of outdoor space it will take up once assembled. Also pay attention to the various materials of each type of shed, and the environment you live in. If your live somewhere with extreme temperatures, be sure to double check that the shed you have your eye on can hold up to those elements so your items stay safe.

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